How to iron a wrinkled shirt in half the time by using aluminum foil?

Ironing is one of the most boring household chores , but it is necessary to do it at least once a week if we don’t want to walk around with our clothes all wrinkled. During the summer, ironing is even less pleasant, due to the heat.

In fact, straightening the board, heating the iron so as not to leave wrinkles on the clothes is a cumbersome and boring process. Do not panic! There are items that are easier to iron, and others that require more time and effort to have an acceptable result. Luckily, there are many tricks that can make our lives easier and make this matter much less boring .

How to smooth laundry without getting tired?

The only thing to do is remove the fabric covering of the ironing board and cover it with aluminum foil , until the entire upper surface is covered.

Then replace the ironing board cover, being careful not to wrinkle or break the aluminum foil. We are ready to start ironing.

Namely, aluminum foil allows heat to reflect, so the fabric between the iron and the paper receives heat from both sides, so it is not necessary to iron both sides.

In addition, this trick is also suitable for delicate linens, which only need to be touched with steam without touching the fabric. So you minimize the risk of burning them while you relax the folds.

At their top we find ironing, which smooths the folds of the fabric and straightens the clothes for a clean and neat result. In fact, ironing gives the garments a new and elegant look that we cannot deny, yet it is necessary to go there until the end.

After enlightening you, we present you the revolutionary aluminum foil trick , which will allow you to iron your laundry efficiently and quickly. Let’s see how it works.

Time is precious, so iron clothes as soon as possible to continue with entertaining activities. However, washing clothes, starting with the washing machine and ending with ironing, now becomes a ritual of pleasure and saving time and drudgery.

For easy ironing on the table: try the trick of aluminum foil on your iron

Also note that the aluminum foil can be used many times, it only needs to be relaxed so that the laundry no longer wrinkles. In addition, a high-quality aluminum foil is more resistant and reusable in the long term.

You can see that sometimes the solutions are all convenient with products at hand. Try this trick and your clothes will never be wrinkled again and not that … you can even use this time to devote to a more enjoyable activity.

How to do without wrinkled clothes?

A soft and well-groomed laundry is primarily the result of washing with a gentle detergent that respects the fibers of the fabric according to the rules of technology. For this reason, it is always necessary to refer to the labels of the clothes, which indicate the manufacturer’s recommendations, to know the cycle and the washing temperature adapted to the fabric.

Then, as soon as you come out of the washing machine, remember to dry the wet clothes outdoors on a clothesline or rope or with the dryer. These basic gestures all work together to reduce wrinkles in clothing.

Extra tip: Remember to put a small cup of white vinegar in the drum or compartment of your washing machine, you will be amazed by its effect! It replaces fabric softener, prevents lint and stains on clothes and removes sweat odors … everything you need to make the laundry perfectly clean and relaxed even before ironing.