Married couples who stay together for decades are becoming increasingly rare in today’s world. It often leaves us wondering, what is the secret behind their lasting love? The answer, it seems, varies from couple to couple.

One golden piece of advice that has stuck with many of us is to “never go to bed mad at each other.” This simple rule has a profound impact on keeping the love alive, even after many years of marriage. Trust and communication are also crucial for maintaining a strong relationship, especially in the early stages.

But there is one couple from North Carolina that truly deserves admiration for their incredible achievement – celebrating 82 years of marriage! What’s even more remarkable is that they also recently celebrated their 103rd and 100th birthdays, just seven days apart.

D.V. Williams, aged 103, and Willie Williams, aged 100, were honored with a special celebration in Charlotte, surrounded by their friends and family. Their granddaughter, BJ Williams-Green, expressed her joy at seeing them in such good health, stating, “Seeing them at this age and so well is still good, it’s just a blessing they’re still here.”

In fact, the Williamses are on the verge of entering the Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest married couple with a combined age. Currently, the record is held by a 100-year-old Japanese woman named Miyako and her 108-year-old husband, Masau Matsumoto. When asked about their secret to a successful marriage, Miyako attributed it to her patience.

However, when asked about their secret to a successful marriage, D.V. and Willie Williams had a refreshingly simple answer: “Just be nice to each other.” It seems that kindness and respect have been the foundation of their lasting love.

The remarkable story of D.V. and Willie Williams serves as an inspiring reminder that a strong and happy marriage is within reach for anyone. By cherishing one another, communicating openly, and being kind, couples can create a lifetime of love and joy together.